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Televizorius Philips 50PUS8007/12

Televizorius Philips 50PUS8007/12
  • Televizorius Philips 50PUS8007/12
  • Televizorius Philips 50PUS8007/12
  • Televizorius Philips 50PUS8007/12
  • Televizorius Philips 50PUS8007/12
  • Televizorius Philips 50PUS8007/12
  • Televizorius Philips 50PUS8007/12
  • Televizorius Philips 50PUS8007/12
  • Televizorius Philips 50PUS8007/12

Televizorius Philips 50PUS8007/12

Prekės kodas: 50PUS8007/12 Gamintojas: Philips
469 €

Prekės neturime

Simple. Smart. Beautiful.

Get a sharp, vivid picture, plus Dolby Atmos sound and smooth gaming. This Android TV is a perfect performer when you just want everything to look and sound great. Ambilight makes anything you watch or play feel even more immersive.

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Magical Ambilight. Only from Philips.
With Philips Ambilight, the brilliant experience of watching a Philips TV gets even bigger! LED lights around the edge of the TV glow and change colour in perfect sync with the colours of the on-screen action or your music. It's so warm and immersive, you'll wonder how you enjoyed TV without it.


Vibrant viewing. Philips 4K UHD LED TV.
Love everything that you watch on this 4K UHD LED TV. Philips Pixel Precise Ultra HD engine optimises picture quality to deliver sharp images, rich colours and smooth motion. You get the best possible viewing experience every time.


Cinematic vision and sound. Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.
With Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos on board, your films, shows and games look and sound incredible. See the picture that the director wanted you to see — no more disappointing scenes that are too dark to make out! Hear every word clearly. Experience sound effects like they're really happening around you.


Simply smart. Android TV.
Your Philips Android TV gives you the content you want—when you want it. You can customise the home screen to display your favourite apps, making it simple to start streaming the movies and shows you love. Or pick up where you left off.


Voice control. Works with Google Assistant.
You can use your voice to control your Philips Android TV via any speaker that has Google Assistant, or via an Android TV remote app. Want to find apps, stream content or play games? Just ask.


Slim TV. Packed for the future.
Looking for a TV that fits with your room? The virtually bezel-free screen of this 4K smart TV goes with just about any interior, and the slim, matt-black feet make it seem as if the screen is floating. Our packaging and inserts use recycled cardboard and paper.


Great for gaming. Low latency on any console.
Your Philips TV lets you get the best from your console, with fast gameplay and smooth graphics. HDMI connectivity with VRR is supported and a low-latency setting activates automatically when you turn on your console. Ambilight's gaming mode makes the thrills feel bigger.


  • Ekranas

    Ekrano dydis 50" / 127 cm
    Ekrano tipas LED LCD
    Ekrano raiška
    3840х2160 4K UHD
    Ekrano atnaujinimo dažnis 50 Hz
    HDR Energijos suvartojimo efektyvumo klasė F
  • Funkcijos

    Smart TV Taip
    Netflix Taip
    Disney+ Taip
    Apple TV
  • Vaizdo gerinimo technologija

    TV foninis apšvietimas Ambilight 3
    HDR Taip
    Vaizdo gerinimo technologijos Dolby Vision, HLG, HDR10+
  • Garsas

    Garso galia (RMS) 20 W
    Garso sistemos Dolby Atmos, Clear Voice
    Bluetooth - audio Taip
  • Jungtis

    Bluetooth versija Bluetooth 5.0
  • Sąsajos

    Ausinių išėjimas Taip
    LAN (tinklas, RJ45) Taip
    USB-A 2.0 2 vnt.
    WiFi Taip
  • Išmatavimai

    Svoris 12,3 kg
    Svoris be stovo 12,2 kg
    Plotis 111,56 cm
    Aukštis 67,29 cm
    Gylis 25,58 cm
    Aukštis be stovo 64,47 cm
    Gylis be stovo 8,16 cm
    VESA dydis 200 x 300
  • Galingumas

    Metinis energijos suvartojimas 64 kWh/1000h
    HDR metinis energijos suvartojimas 65 kWh/1000h
  • Bendrieji parametrai

    Energijos klasė F
    Rezoliucijos numeris 2019/2013
    Modelio ID 50PUS8007/12
    Gamintojas Philips
  • Programinė įranga

    Operacinė sistema Android TV